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Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere
Brown University, Providence
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Until everybody has a place to call home


Our Mission

Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE) is a student-run organization at Brown University and part of the Swearer Center for Public Service. We aim to serve the community in Providence and Rhode Island and address the structural issues surrounding homelessness and poverty.


Our work is grounded in the belief that those with lived experience with homelessness know best how to solve the challenges they face. Through direct outreach, advocacy, service and education, we are committed allies in the fight towards a society in which no person experiences the hardships of hunger, homelessness, and poverty.  


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Our Story

The seed that grew into HOPE was planted in January 2004, under the dome of Beneficent Church. HOPE’s initial focus revolved around political advocacy, as an organization which partnered with the homeless community to hold rallies, sit-ins, and other campaigns to improve shelter conditions, decriminalize homelessness, and increase availability of affordable housing. In 2007, HOPE students participated in the 10-day occupation of Welcome Arnold, a 100-bed homeless shelter in Cranston, Rhode Island shut down by governor Donald Carcieri without providing the promised beds to accommodate displaced residents. Since then, HOPE has engaged in a variety of advocacy activities: working to pass the nation’s first Homeless Bill of Rights, fighting for improved shelter standards in the state, canvassing for a stronger commitment to the construction of affordable housing, protesting the termination of a free transportation program for elderly and disabled Rhode Islanders, and petitioning for rent stabilization in the state. HOPE also played a leading role in establishing the Student Coalition Against Homelessness & Poverty, a collection of like-minded student organizations throughout the nation similarly working towards housing for all. 

Over the years, HOPE has strengthened its bond with the Rhode Island homeless community by pairing its advocacy activities with committed direct service. Through programs such as Nighttime Outreach, the Housing Assistance Collaborative, and City Meal Sites, HOPE creates meaningful relationships with community members to ease the burden of homelessness and help on the road to stable housing. In addition, HOPE students played an integral role in establishing Street Sights, a street newspaper dedicated to sharing the stories and perspectives of the state’s marginally housed. From this proud history, a unique model of student activism was established: one that held advocacy and direct service as two sides of the same coin, mutually dependent tools required to create change.


What We Do

Direct Service

HOPE's three core direct service programs -- nighttime outreach, City Meal Sites, and the Housing Assistance Collaborative (HAC) -- address immediate needs and connect people to long-term services


Guided by the voices of those we engage with in HAC, Outreach, and City Meal Sites, HOPE advocates for just policies that address homelessness and poverty in our community

Our Community Partners


Our National Partners


What We've Done

some of the steps we've taken to fight homelessness 

Coalition Against Homelessness

Coalition Against Homelessness

15 student led antipoverty organizations meet at Brown to discuss homelessness and poverty

Rent Control

Rent Control

HOPE teams up with DARE to fight Section 8 Discrimination

Homeless Community Survey

Homeless Community Survey

HOPE interviews more than 280 individuals to figure out legislative priorities in RI



HOPE campaigns to reinstate free bus rides for the elderly and disabled

HOPE's Policy Platform

HOPE's Policy Platform

HOPE's 2018 Housing and Homelessness Policy Platform

2017 Advocacy Program

2017 Advocacy Program

of the Year

Homeless Bill of Rights

Homeless Bill of Rights

first law of its kind passed in the USA

Change for Change

Change for Change

HOPE brings student groups to stage for fundraiser

YES on 7!

YES on 7!

HOPE campaigns for affordable housing bond

Our Leadership Team

some of our awesome volunteers 


Executive Directors


Outreach Coordinators


Education Chair

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Communication Directors

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Social Media


Street Sights

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City Meal Site Administrators


University Relations


Advocacy Directors

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City  Policy


Federal Policy

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Finance Chairs

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Empowerment Fund

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Supplies Manager

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we are also proud to be supported by our wonderful board of advisors


Get Involved

HOPE is a community of students who care about the people of Rhode Island and who care about one another.  We are always looking for new members to join us in this important effort! Enter your information here to join our listserv and stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities to get involved.

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